Many of the most successful innovations were not brought about by outright invention, but rather by reconfiguring existing technologies to better meet the needs and demands of today. Let me give you an example…

A few years ago, RMS developed 5 software modules to help address a range of challenges multi-site business like Retail faced on a daily basis – things like the inefficiencies email, company intranets, complicated HR, Workforce management suites, project and print toolsets brought to a typical retailer’s day.

Each solution was fairly bespoke and deployed to fix the particular set of issues, a particular retailer faced at the time. The reality was, of course, all the issues we fixed were present and so for the retailer, it was mostly about prioritising which one to fix first within the budget they had…If the retailer wanted to fix all 5 issues however, all 5 solutions, with 5 sets of hardware, integrations, development, testing, support and licences were required.

In late 2015, RMS set about resolving the inefficiencies multiple technology instances and vendors bring and less than 12months later Metro was launched, bringing all five solutions together to sit on a single common cloud-based platform. To further assist in flexibility and choice, the five core solutions were split into 9 more defined modules consisting of Unified Comms, Process, Workforce Management, Time & Attendance, Employee Management, Learning Management, Print Controller, Contract and Activity Planner.

Metro Map

As a technology first, RMS customers could now effectively ‘pick and mix’ the capabilities of all 9 modules (including if they wish, individual elements from each) to meet their business requirements or address shortfalls as their business dictates – the flexibility, efficiencies and economies of scale are easy to see even before you list the many benefits each module brings. Since launch, the reaction by both existing and new customers has been overwhelming.

Each Metro module has been designed to be as flexible as possible so as to deliver maximum business benefit – each customer journey has been as unique as their businesses needs, be it to establish, replace or enhance current working practices or their whole technology enterprise.

RMS’ mission is simple – ‘provide cost-effective solutions that allow retailers to ‘do business better’. To hear how Metro can help your business innovate, contact us today.

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