Unified Comms is the employee engagement module within Metro and provides each user with personalised communication and compliance activities via personalised homepages. Our dynamic and responsive web portal delivers content, tasks, social communications, messaging, feedback, performance, and more.

Discover more about each module by selecting from the tabs below:

Content Management

Managing the efficient delivery of content to the target audience. All types of content types are supported, Word, Excel, PDF, Video, Voice, Messages, Social Media etc.

Content Widgets

Content widgets enable the business users to publish content to specific homepages and content containers.


The planner functionality provides a daily, weekly view, by day with the Store/Location planned activities, i.e. key dates, actions, notes etc. Planner entry types are configurable by the customer.


A homepage task widget is available, highlighting key tasks that are due on that day, outstanding tasks and prepare for tasks.


The survey tool provides the ability to set up targeted and ongoing surveys for location/store completion. A range of survey question types are available from radio buttons, drop down list, matrix, check boxes, dates, YES/NO and standard text boxes.


The messaging function provides an email equivalent function within the application. Messages can be saved within the content tool. Additionally, instant messaging is available via our Employee Engagement module


The RMS voice function provides the ability to leave messages within the Messaging function. Messages can be left for individuals and groups. The voice service knows the caller and provides a personalised recognition.

Conference Call

The RMS voice functions provides conference call services. Conference calls are placed in the location planner. Conference calls are recorded to enable attendees to replay the conference at a later time.


The Vault provides a secure way to share key information and files. A ‘Dropbox’ equivalent within Unified Comms.

Forms Generator

The Forms generator provides enhanced features over that of Surveys. Providing a powerful workflow engine, conditional questions, question calculation and alerts.


Dispense with a store diary, the Store Journal is a configurable electronic diary for the recording of daily events, performance and acts as a store handover function.


The directory provides a easy to use contact directory, with contact pictures, roles and contact details.


A simple to configure and use KPI toolset, which can display key business data. KPIs can be used to illustrate any style of information. A range of KPI types are available. KPIs can be updated from a real time interface or batch update.

Homepage Designer

The Home Page Designer is a business user tool enabling the personalisation of homepages specific to the user and also specific to the function being displayed.


Unified Comms is a web based application and can easily embed and link to other applications and data. This provides the facility for Unified Comms to act as a single interface for all location and store needs.


A fully functional responsive mobile version of Unified Comms, available on all mobile devices.

League Ladders

A further extension of the KPI toolset, configurable league ladders can be created based on any data metric, visibly identifying to the user their ranking and position movement.

Employee Engagement

Our instant messaging/chat forum application (Yap!) is integrated with the Unified Comms League Ladder function, and enables ‘gamification’ and competition across the user population in a more social context.

Compliance Dashboards

Compliance dashboards show real time compliance across the estate, personalised to the user. The ability to see completion, in progress, reasons for non completion and not started. The ability to target each status with new tasks, messages, surveys etc.

Automated Reporting

Provides the ability to automate bulk publishing of content, business reports, marketing information etc.

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