The Activity Planner (AP) module most clearly demonstrates how multiple module data and connectivity is used within Metro to deliver real benefit. Linked with all other modules, AP is aware of all resource requirements within a store, from simple task management, daily routines, labour schedules and critical project activities, providing the business with a holistic view of everything happening across their estate. Project templates, critical paths, auto-calculation of resource and task scheduling ensures planning, delivery and communication of major projects and events, ensuring project delivery and compliance. Metro Activity Planner is available direct from RMS or via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Discover more about each module by selecting from the tabs below.

To get started, simply contact us or click here to get it now via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Discover more about each module by selecting from the tabs below:

Workflow Engine

The workflow engine within Activity Planner automates a range of processes, including the provision of a full approval process to ensure that stakeholder management is maintained throughout the project planning process.

To-do List

The To-Do List within Activity Planner allows users to view the actions and tasks they need to complete each day to ensure they deliver each activity plan. Users can see when tasks are due, and whether they are on track or overdue. Tasks can be re-allocated to balance workload if required to ensure team members are not overtasked at any given time.

To-do lists are a useful tool for managing tasks and staying organized. They can help individuals and teams to stay on top of their work and ensure that all tasks are being completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Project Templates

Project templates are used as a starting point for creating new projects and activities, and provide a structure and set of best practices that help ensure that each project is well-organized and well-managed.

Templates can be modified or customized as needed to fit the specific needs and goals of the project.

Project Justification

Project justification is the process of providing a rationale or a justification for why a particular project should be undertaken and typically involves identifying the benefits and costs of the project, and demonstrating that the benefits outweigh the costs.

Project justification is an important step in the project planning process, as it helps to ensure that a project is worthwhile and that it aligns with the goals and objectives of the organization. It can also help to secure funding and other resources for the project, and gain the support of stakeholders and decision-makers. Project justification allows you to build up a picture of the requirements, and can be as simple or complex as you need.

Critical Path

The critical path is the series of tasks or activities in a project that must be completed in a specific order, and that have the longest duration. The critical path is the longest path through the project, and determines the overall duration of the project. If the critical path has been defined correctly it will be clear where any project blockers are to be found and what action is required to remedy the situation. You can set individual timelines for the tasks, set ownership and track them.

This ensures true project accountability amongst the wider team, marketing, buying, merchandising, retail etc.

Capacity Calculator

Capacity planning is an important aspect of resource management, as it helps organizations to effectively allocate and utilize their resources and involves identifying the resources that an organization has available, and determining how they can be used most effectively to meet the organization’s goals and objectives. This module helps to make these decisions clearer and avoid the ‘elastic walls’ scenario of delivering tasks at the cost of other important activities.

Activity Planner

Activity planners can be created and managed in a variety of ways, and often involved organisations having out of date paper copies of plans on office walls spread around the building. Metro’s activity planner enables sites to see in real time what is being delivered and when digitally .

Users can view live plans, plans in draft, plans approved and plans needing approval by stakeholders on their PC or Tablets.

Projects can be presented using a configurable colour palette to help departments easily see what project tasks and activities are to be delivered.

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