The Activity Planner (AP) module most clearly demonstrates how multiple module data and connectivity is used within Metro to deliver real benefit. Linked with all other modules, AP is aware of all resource requirements within a store, from simple task management, daily routines, labour schedules and critical project activities, providing the business with a holistic view of everything happening across their estate. Project templates, critical paths, auto-calculation of resource and task scheduling ensures planning, delivery and communication of major projects and events, ensuring project delivery and compliance.

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Workflow Engine

As with all RMS products, activity is backed up with full workflow approval to ensure that stakeholder management is maintained throughout the planning process.

Activity Planner

Traditionally, businesses will have an out of date paper copy of this on the wall.

With the metro activity planner, sites can see in real time what is being delivered and when.

View live plans, plans in draft, plans approved and plans needing approval by stakeholders.

Visibility of departments and projects can be presented easily using a configurable colour palette and project types.

To Do

As a member of the store support centre (Head Office), what do I need to do today to deliver the activity plan?

This module allows you to view the actions of a task and see whether it is on track or overdue.  You can re-allocate task if someone in the team is overloaded.

Overall, you will have true visibility of the tasks and all the projects that are ongoing.

Capacity Calculator
  • If we do this work it will cost us X hours across the estate.
  • Do we have the capacity to do this?
  • What is the opportunity cost of not doing this?

This module helps to make these decisions clearer and avoid the ‘rubber walls’ scenario of delivering tasks at the cost of sales.

Critical Path

The critical path shows the tasks in the order that they need to be done in order to ensure right first time delivery.

If the critical path has been defined correctly it will be clear where any project blockers are to be found and what action is required to remedy the situation.

You can set individual timelines for the tasks, set ownership and track them.

This ensures true project accountability amongst the wider team, marketing, buying, merchandising, retail etc.

Project Justification

How many projects are on the plan without true justification? What is the profitability in landing the project?

Justification allows you to build up a picture of the requirements, and it can be as simple or complex as you need.  This allows the user to see what the project will deliver for the business.

Project Templates

This function allows critical paths to be re-used and ensures continuous improvement through the re-use and refinement of the critical path.

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