Metro Apps provides access to our most popular metro modules where online and offline connectivity is essential.
Apps include Metro Comms (self-service), Metro Time (soft clock), Metro Visits, Metro Helpdesk and Metro Teams.

Discover more about each module by selecting from the tabs below:

Metro Time

The Metro Time App allows users to clock in/out using a simple mobile app. The app also allows users to view their published schedule, request an absence/holiday, change their availability and view their approved timesheet.

Metro Visits

The Site Visits App provides a simple-to-use ‘offline’ subset of functionality from the core Metro Site Visits module. Both Hierarchy and Security aware visit types can be created ad hoc or can be pre-defined for completion by users.

Metro Comms

The Comms App is available on all smartphone devices regardless of operating system (Android or IOS) and provides news and task content published from Unified Comms. In addition, the app includes a complete company directory and alerts users to urgent notifications.

Metro Teams

The Metro Teams App enables access to core functionality available within Metro from the Microsoft 365 framework. Users who prefer to work within the Microsoft ecosystem can access essential business information and receive personalised, targeted content and compliance activities.

Metro Helpdesk

Please contact us for more Information on the Metro Support Desk App

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