The Metro Employee Management module provides a simple and effective HR application – from new starters and leavers to change of details, all of this and more can be managed. This module also caters for absence management and holiday planning requirements. In addition, self-service functionality allows employees to book absences, schedule training and note their availability to work. Metro Employee Management is available direct from RMS or via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Discover more about each module by selecting from the tabs below.

To get started, simply contact us or click here to get it now via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Discover more about each module by selecting from the tabs below:

Vacancy Management

Management can create a vacancy to identify shifts required for future schedules that best suit the needs of the business. Vacancies can be merged or swapped with new starter employees once recruited.

Starter & Leavers

The Starters and Leavers function allows management to create new employees within the system.

The module also allows management to mark an employee as an immediate or future leaver, including the ability to note exit reports, reasons for leaving and re-hire information.

Employee Records

Employee Records provide a complete HR Record with all the fields you would expect to find in a comprehensive HR system.

All changes to the record are backed up with a full audit of when a change was made, what the change was, and who made it.

Emergency Contact

The Emergency contact tab enables businesses to record details for next of kin/emergency contact information. Multiple emergency contacts can be created.

Equality Management

Employee records can be configured for businesses to record information relevant to equality management as required.

Bank Validation

Employee bank information can be validated online to ensure accurate and correct information.

Right to Work

This function enables the recording of RTW documentation.

Reminders/alerts can be set up for eligibility to work documentation renewals.

Pay Group Management

This function enables multiple pay groups to be set up within the Employee Management system by location.

For example, London weightings, different brand pay scales and/or currencies.

Change of Details

The Change of Details module enables users to change and update both personal and business information relating to an employee record.

All changes, by effective date, have configured workflows for approvals, including a complete audit trail.

Holiday Management

This function provides a comprehensive holiday planning and approval process and identifies where other employees have already booked leave, highlighting the impact of allowing an additional holiday to be approved.

Approved holidays are confirmed back to the employee.

Absence Management

This module provides comprehensive absence management functionality, including approvals, requests and alerts.

All absence alerts are configurable to support different internal policies.

Rewards & Benefits

This function provides the ability to store within the employee record all employee benefits and entitlements.

Performance Management

This function allows uploading performance management information, including personal development plans and disciplinary information.

Document Upload

This function allows users to upload documents securely within the employee record.

Employee Self Service

Employees can request absences, holidays, and lieu time in self-service mode, for approval by their line manager.

Employees can also view their published schedules and approved timesheets and maintain their availability to work information.

Approval Workflow

This function ensures changes to an employee record are controlled and approved as appropriate to the company structure and policies.

Audit Trail

A full audit of any changes made to the employee record is maintained, including the effective date and who approved it, along with old and new values for reference.

All changes can be reviewed by users with the appropriate permissions.

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