time and attendance


Working hand in hand with the WFM toolset the Time & Attendance module provides an effective process to capture, manage and report the actual hour’s staff have worked via calculating timesheets. Absences, overtime, ad hoc payments and labour matching can all be completed quickly, easily and accurately.

Discover more about each module by selecting from the tabs below:

Timesheet Creation
Timesheets are automatically created based on approved and active schedules. A simple way to manage non planned attendance by employee, by day or by week. A simple approval mechanism for timesheets that require no modification.
Absence Management

The ability to use the timesheet to capture non-planned absences, from unplanned holidays, sickness and bereavements. In addition, working at another location is fully supported.

Actual Labour Match

Compare the planned scheduled labour match and cost, to the reality of that recorded within the timesheet.

Ad Hoc Payment
Ability to create adhoc payments, in value or hours that are specific to the employee, i.e. key holder payments, bonuses etc.
Timesheet Modification
Full capability to update the timesheet to reflect actual attendance. Ability to transfer employees and out of location timesheets. Full approvals process supported.
Payroll Extract
The automation of timesheet data to your payroll application, all leading payroll systems supported.

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