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The Learning Management module provides an end-to-end learning and accreditation solution where course bookings, tutorials, skill management, role-play, and video learning can all be delivered. In addition, online accreditation, testing, scoring and administration of certification renewals are also taken care of.

Discover more about each module by selecting from the tabs below:

Course Booking

This allows either the member of staff (or a senior member of staff on their behalf) to book onto a classroom based training course.

Workflow will confirm if the staff member is allowed to attend the course. Diary entries are then created as a reminder before the course.

Module Monitoring

Utilising the Record of Achievement the training department can check the status of an individual’s path through their current qualification.

Course Creation

Courses are created by location/trainer and given minimum and maximum attendance levels.

These levels create the workflow to ensure courses are not over or undersubscribed.

Achievement Register

Each member of staff has their own personalised Record of Achievement which details the qualification they are currently working towards.

Details of additional voluntary courses and qualifications that are available for them to take and a history of what they have completed are all shown.

Competency Check

Pretesting a candidate to ensure they have completed all the prerequisites for  undergoing relevant courses.

Learning Path

Created to show the prerequisites that need to be completed prior to a qualification examination.

Training Record

Each Record of Achievement has a history tab which shows details, dates and scores of any qualification taken.


KPI dials are updated to show overdue qualifications vs. qualifications passed for a given time period.

Role Play

A type of course which describes what should be carried out, forms part of a qualification.

Online Score Card

This shows a balanced scorecard for a particular location.

Skill Management

On the staff member’s Record of Achievement this records their skills outside of their typical accreditations such as First Aider, Fire Warden etc..


When a qualification is passed a certificate can be printed by the member of staff.


This is when employees have completed their training and passed their current qualifications.


Allows members of staff to take advancement qualifications.

All prerequisites of the qualification must be met prior to taking the actual exam.

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