I read a great post this week that even technology people are frustrated with the new-age tech salesmen – apparently, modern salesmen (and saleswomen!) have become ridiculously vague about what they sell. The author of the post (Joe Adkins) hilariously goes on to ask have you ever received a LinkedIn request from Jim who helps “Customers achieve more with modern solutions” for a living? or Sara who is “Helping customers and their employers move forward with modern workloads.” Awesome work Sara, people need modern workloads. Finally, you have Bob who is “Empowering Customers with Innovative Solutions”. God help me…no, really, as my wife actually calls me Bob!!

Photo of Rob Morgan at RMS

It was a timely reminder that in this industry we can all get sucked into using ‘tech blurb’ when speaking to prospects, so I thought I best sense-check the Metro message is  coming through loud and clear because what customers really want to know is:

‘What do you sell, and why should I care?’


“RMS provide retail, hospitality and healthcare teams with software to help manage their multi-site businesses more effectively”.

If that’s as much as I’m going to say, Joe probably has a good point, so let me break it down a bit more to be sure….

  • Do you use email or have an Intranet? If you do, you probably have no idea who’s emailing who with what or when, and certainly have no way of knowing if the right people have received, read, understood or executed your important instructions. Has your intranet turned into a data dustbin? Both are supposed to make life easier but rarely deliver on the promise. Replace both with Unified Comms for concise, engaging, targeted, written, visual and spoken content with inbuilt visibility and compliance routines.
  • Do you fill in paper-based checklists or store audits? Are these then left to gather dust in case they have to act as due diligence you’ve checked or done something (when it was meant to be done)? Or do you have a secret stash of different coloured pens and complete them when you have a quiet moment or get caught out so everything ‘looks like’ it was up to date, present and correct! With everything covered from accident & incident reporting through to petty cash and sundries management, our Process module ensures 100% adherence to legal or procedural requirements.
  • Has your WFM, T&A, Employee and Learning Management software been designed for a different industry and then ‘shoehorned’ to work in Retail, Hospitality or Healthcare? If so, check out our four flexible, dynamic and industry-focused People related modules covering everything from capturing new starter details to educating, accrediting, scheduling, reviewing and paying them.
  • Do you create different Point of Sale materials via different print processes, solutions or vendors? Print Controller is your one-stop shop for all styles of printed or digital promotional material. Integrated tasks within Unified Comms and Process recognises that communication to both store teams and customers is paramount to driving sales, compliance, customer experience and engagement. Our Print Automation and Promotional compliance toolset gives you all of this and more at the click of a mouse.
  • Do you sell products via CRM or contractual agreement? Our Contract module provides a full range of contract-based sales activities supporting the creation, building, and capture of a customer’s contractual basket. Aimed primarily at retail businesses that transact via contractual agreements, the application is integrated with credit check applications and designed to build the customer basket with tailored offers.
  • Want to plan, justify and land projects across your business with the knowledge and confidence the required resource is available, skilled and competent to deliver your projects on time and on-budget? Project templates, critical paths, auto-calculation of resource and task scheduling ensures planning, delivery, and communication of major projects and in-store events. Our Activity Planner module sets new standards in consolidated project planning and collaboration.

If you hear anyone from RMS saying ‘we provide retail, hospitality, healthcare and telecoms teams with software tools to help manage their distributed businesses more effectively’, take it from me, this really is what we do. Tell us what keeps you awake at night and let us help take care of it, in the same way as we have for more than 80 major leading retailers and brands – unburden yourself here.

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