According to industry commentators, the British retail grocery market is to be tipped into turmoil with the imminent arrival of eCommerce giant Amazon, with its fresh grocery arm, Amazon Fresh.

Add to this a time when the dominance of the “Big Four” – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons – are all facing a concerted challenge from the rise of discount stores like Aldi and Lidl; the pressure is really on for supermarkets and C-store retailers to innovate and provide real value to customers, or risk losing them to the online giant.

It’s not difficult however to see where the bricks and mortar retailers can really make a difference – for a start, they have physical stores – a trading theatre upon which to entice and engage customers ‘face to face’ in ‘real-time’ – but what else can retailers do to respond to the Amazon threat?

Amazon has changed the way that customers buy products and one of the central reasons for their success is that they provide more information about products than most physical stores currently do. Their skilful use of product information, imagery, customer reviews and strong reasons to buy encourages customers to purchase more from their website than almost anywhere else – many of these techniques, however, can now be implemented in-store to increase sales, customer satisfaction and retention – all you need to do is simply subscribe to Metro’s Print Controller for immediate results.

Print controller has been designed to explicitly help retailers sell more and engage with customers in-store – it’s ability to create and automate rich informative ticketing, in-store and on-demand, allows retailers to more effectively present offers and ‘reasons to buy’ at the shelf edge, in front of the product, in front of the customer.

Promo SEL smlSeamless integration with ERP, price and product information ensures accuracy and adherence to corporate branding and trading standards whilst integration with leading digital content providers ensures all in-store signage delivers the best sales messaging and imagery available. Add to this QR codes and connections into multiple customer review providers your in-store ticketing is suddenly helping customers not only choose what to buy – but where or when – IN YOUR STORE – TODAY!

To find out more drop us a line or call us on +44 (0)2380 816000 to hear how Print Controller can deliver your Amazon beating ticketing.

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