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Retail Manager Solutions is delighted to announce that wilko, a household and garden retailer, has upgraded to Metro Activity Planner. Operating hundreds of stores across the UK, wilko has been using Trading Manager, the predecessor to Activity Planner, for fifteen years. This upgrade now provides the retailer with a host of new benefits.

Trading Manager was an ‘on-prem’ solution, meaning that wilko’s IT team owned and managed the infrastructure. In contrast, Metro Activity Planner is hosted in a Microsoft Azure cloud environment. The benefit of this is that RMS can continually provide wilko with new features as they become available from the Activity Planner Development Roadmap.

Modern User Interfaces bring to life several new functions, including the ability to add store tasks and surveys to project critical paths, enhanced reporting, and capacity planning. The capacity planning functions allow Head Office teams to understand the impact of all work stores are being asked to complete and enable users to re-schedule work where conflicts exist.

Karen Dyke, RMS’ CEO, remarked, “We are thrilled to continue working with one of the best-known UK retail brands. We have worked with wilko for fifteen years and are excited to be continuing this journey with them.”

Simon Mills, Metro Product Manager, commented: “I am incredibly proud of this project as I had helped scope and implement the original Trading Manager solution with wilko as my very first project working with RMS.”

Garry Greenhalgh, wilko Retail Implementation Manager, said: “Switching to Activity Planner has allowed us to safely and efficiently manage data and projects across different workstreams. It also unlocks potential and flexibility for how we choose to communicate with our stores in the future. RMS are a pleasure to work with and made the upgrade as simple as possible to implement.”

Implementation of the solution took place in January 2023. The launch of Activity Planner was simplified by directly migrating projects and tasks from the legacy Trading Manager system.

About Retail Manager Solutions

RMS is a privately owned software company providing (although not limited to) retail, hospitality, and healthcare teams with SaaS solutions designed to help businesses connect, coordinate, and engage digitally with their workforce. Our product is branded Metro.

Many of the best-known retail, hospitality, and healthcare brands trust Metro each day to connect, engage and empower their digital workforce and manage their multi-site businesses more effectively. Designed to support Operations, Compliance, HR, Project, and Marketing teams, Metro enables your business to plan its own unique journey according to its own special requirements whilst at the same time removing the need for a patchwork of disparate applications.

The RMS mission is simple. To provide software that allows you to ‘do business better’ – Metro provides new, innovative, cost-effective ways to achieve this. With clients in the UK, EMEA, and N. America, RMS has offices in the UK and Germany. For more information, please get in touch with us here.

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