At last year’s RMS Retail Forum, I remembered listening aghast to an inspirational presentation by one of our guest speakers, Phillip Adcock – The ‘go-to’ guy for science-based customer insights – and suddenly realised just how little I truly understood about how shoppers think!

From product positioning on the shelf to location within the store, to why milk and bread are always at the back of the store and how customers read the shelf and interpret the best value – it was fascinating stuff! Phillip also went on to talk about the impact of colours, how to best describe offers, and left to right visualisation. I was entranced by both the detailed insight, and the cunning!

It’s thanks to Phillip that I now feel compelled to check every price ticket I see and study the price per toilet roll for price comparison!

The complexity of retail today never lessens – the competition increases day by day, and of course, the high street (as always) is still in need of saving, particularly against one of its very own savage retail family members – the World Wide Web!

Add to that, there is also the uprising of tech-savvy consumers – super shrewd shoppers who themselves have learnt some of their own shopper psychology! They know for example which colours might mean a good deal and that they can ignore all the other goods they pass as they blindly walk through the aisles to get their gluten-free loaf of bread and semi-skimmed milk, but guess what? They still price check on their phones just in case – Today’s connected shoppers are SUPER SAVVY!

The shopper today, however, is not a tourist – they have entered our store for a reason, and it is down to us to proactively arm them with everything they need to make their purchasing decision simple. From how good the deal is to highlighting value as they walk through the store – price matched, latest offers, unit price per roll – we must cover it all. But it is much more than that. It is also about being able to react to what is going on – be that to the weather, global events (COVID), local activities, seasonal changes, good or bad news. Our Shoppers of today are people of convenience – Our opportunity is all about telling them!

As a Retailer, I want to be able to position my offers and deals against any channel of purchase. For many Retailers, having data has never really been the issue – but having the correct data on which to base decisions and execute immediately has always been, and remains today a challenge.

Metro Print has been designed by the Highstreet and has been developed to offer shelf edge tickets, shelf barkers, talkers and all types of promotional signage, all in context, based on transformed information to make an offer or deal the best on the high street right now…and then to make it an even better deal a few moments later – just because they can. Of course, we still need to understand Shopper psychology and their behaviours – so we can visually show them the offer, tell them how good the deal is and highlight exactly why this is the best price they will ever find per toilet roll(!) – please, get in touch to see how Metro Print can transform your stores today.

This blog post was written by Karen Dyke, CEO of RMS – drop Karen a line directly with your thoughts and to hear more how Metro Print can help your business.

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