Toxic technology – It’s nobody’s fault but the inevitability of developing and purchasing individual applications to solve single problems.

In isolation this can work fine, automating processes and bringing productivity gains to the individuals utilising the applications. However, the overall cost to the business is horrifying.

Applications that are unable to share or exchange data create silos of data and specialist skills, (every company has that one person who is the only one who knows how to do something, and they are always on holiday when needed!) hours of wasted effort printing reports and re-keying data into spreadsheets or other systems input screens, dozens of different helpdesks, support agreements and fees, let alone the outdated technologies – unable to run in contemporary browsers and operating systems.

All this adds up to Toxic Technology – strangling your organisation and preventing any meaningful ability to make changes. Even if every application that runs your organisation were simultaneously updated/refreshed, the problems would not go away as the piecemeal approach to selecting applications without looking at the overall organisation’s information flow and processes would still limit any benefit.

If an individual application has no capability of recognizing roles, location and position in various hierarchies, then it is of no use to the organisation. Without this critical (and changing) information, it is impossible for any (always changing) process flow to be mapped and therefore more silos of information build-up, clogging progress and preventing change.

Toxic Technology holds businesses back from achieving maximum efficiency which is so desperately needed in these competitive times. Add on issues with dozens of logins, different password requirements, GDPR compliance, security, training requirements and staff frustration, it is a recipe for inefficiency of the highest order.

This is why Metro has been designed to place a full foundation of roles, hierarchies and locations that can be built on one process at a time to easily peel off old expensive single-purpose applications replacing them with single logon, fast fluid set of applications all contained within a common user interface. Metro can replace old toxic systems and enable outstanding efficiency in a matter of weeks – and all at a substantially lower cost than running piecemeal solutions – tell your Financial Director about it or drop us a line to tell you more!

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