I read an interesting article a while back about how the funniest people are very often the saddest, and that their humour regularly comes from a place of darkness – This morning I came across a post on LinkedIn that reminded me of this and that many a true word is said in jest – or in this case, the cartoon sketch here>>>>.Your Company App

At RMS we see a huge variety in how businesses present information and communicate with their teams and I have to say, for me, the sketch rang many bells being pretty much spot on in terms of what we see on an all too regular basis. If a Company’s App portal is poorly designed, hard-coded and inflexible then staff engagement, productivity and accuracy will suffer.

Metro Unified Comms delivers the ability to notify, capture, extract and report on everything a business user might need to do from within a single configurable interface. Our class-leading forms generator enables businesses to create their own ‘collect and capture’ workflow from scratch within minutes – fully customisable and specific to each user based on their role and responsibilities, irrespective of how a communication has originated – whether it be email messages, voicemail, news, tasks, surveys, reference material, communication from customers, head office or field-based staff, it is all held within the same place and accessible from any PC, Tablet or Mobile phone.

It’s said that the best comedy is derived from the truth – If the truth is your internal applications look like the one here then please get in touch and let us show you how different your Company’s App can be.

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