RMS works with more than 80 of the UK’s most well-known retail, healthcare and hospitality brands – each operating in extremely competitive marketplaces, so what makes these brands so successful?

Well, according to leading Marketing commentators such as Professor Byron Sharp, and Marketing Week columnist Alain de Botton, Daniel Kahneman and Baroness Susan Greenfield, the answer lies in ‘stickiness’ – in other words, the science behind how brands reside in memory.

Photo of Phillip Adcock

Phillip Adcock pictured here presenting at RMS’s annual Metro User Forum.

Leading Shopper Psychologist from SBXL, Phillip Adcock, suggests engaging as many of a shoppers 5 senses as possible –  sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. This isn’t always possible in the hustle and bustle of a busy aisle, but with more than 80% of purchase decisions being made at the shelf edge, brands simply cannot afford to ignore perhaps the biggest and most expensive advertising billboard they own – the shelf edge.

With shoppers relying on visual cues more than any other ‘sensory stimuli’ the shelf edge is regarded at RMS as the single most valuable piece of real estate any retailer owns. In today’s modern supermarket, shoppers are confronted with a different offer every ½ second, yet will buy only 1 out of 500 products available in-store (source: Phillip Adcock).

In order to increase these odds, products simply have to be made more appealing and engaging when on-shelf. The right choice of colour, for instance, can increase product impact by 80%. Imagery increases preference by 36%, whereas product appearance improves engagement by a whopping 323%. Mix all three together and use the right image to stimulate an emotional response, this figure can be astonishingly high. Which do you think would encourage more sales?

A) A simple picture of a packet of Gravy Granules


B) The sight of some lovely tasty gravy being drizzled slowly over a succulent Sunday roast dinner?

Aaaaahhhh……[insert that brand name here!]

If you engage shoppers effectively at the shelf edge you stand to increase promotional effectiveness by at least 35% without even changing the offer or price – if you mix in other brand ‘stickiness’ you easily create a compelling argument for implementing a better shelf edge ticketing system. Print Controller allows retailers to easily add ‘brand stickiness’ and engineer emotional responses within their template designs to maximise customer spend and brand value.

Get in touch if your ticketing is falling short of your brand’s expectations – conversations with the RMS team are always free – the rewards, however, are much greater.


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