Can any of us imagine HOW we would have survived and surfed the turbulent waters of a national lockdown, and the consequences COVID 19 has had to our businesses and employees, without a Communications platform?

Over recent years, we’ve seen a plague of SOCIAL PLATFORMS become the self-fulfilling way our employees and teams have executed communication, shared news, and completed actions without our say so and with businesses, accepting them, ignoring them and blaming them!

The reality of Social Platforms for business is  (like it or not) that they are here to stay and no matter what we do, what we provide, there will always be a place for them, as our employees seemingly trust them, are familiar with them, and feel empowered by them.

The issue for many businesses, especially those in the Retail and Hospitality sectors, based on the demographics of their personnel, means that an engagement platform, that is familiar, instant, notifiable and recognisable, without ‘big brother’ control is a must.  But how can businesses utilise such tools alongside the increasing need for Operational toolsets that also provide business information, show compliance, allocate task, routines, automate business processes, and motivate employees to engage and participate?

The only answer is to find a way to combine these tools and these requirements and have an engaging platform for all Store/Sites/Locations operations, communications and tasking, whilst embracing and providing an integrated platform to encourage more unstructured (but just as important) employee chats, banter, shares and knowledge.  Separating these different forms of communication is something businesses do at their peril – never the twain shall meet is the saying, but in doing so, a huge opportunity will be lost.

For RMS, this has been a major focus area – provisioning, embracing, and integrating the likes of Facebook, Workplace, Twitter, Yammer, Teams etc. and providing business-based social platforms with Yapster, seamlessly integrated and providing one place for employees to feel empowered, alongside being better informed and given an operational platform to their job right first time.

This blog post was written by Karen Dyke, CEO of RMS – drop Karen a line directly with your thoughts and to hear more.

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