According to the BBC, most grocery shoppers are unable to identify the cheapest deals when faced with a blizzard of “special offers” in stores, financial experts have said.

The Money Advice Service asked just over 2,000 consumers to select the best value deals from four sets of offers. Only 2% of those asked answered all four questions correctly. The BBC reported that in the survey, 76% of those asked said they spent more than they intended, after being enticed by special offers, paying an average £11 extra per shop.

The government-backed Money Advice Service said shoppers should look at the price per unit to compare costs. It also suggested making, and sticking to a shopping list. John Penberthy-Smith, customer director for the Money Advice Service, said: “Often deals can be difficult to understand and compare with other prices.” Competition authorities have previously accused stores of misleading tactics. In July, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said it had found evidence during a three-month investigation that supermarkets were misleading customers with confusing pricing promotions.

In another blog, we wrote how unit price calculations are a great idea in theory, although in practice it is difficult to get right with measurements used by retailers being inconsistent and difficult to understand. Many retailers do not have the systems in place to standardise this calculation and place promotional unit price information on in-store ticketing and signage. Any retailer facing this challenge should get in touch and see how Print Controller addresses this issue head-on.

Clear, consistent promotional pricing

Built-in rules and calculations ensure that tickets printed via Metro’s Print Controller are consistent and accurate right the way across all shelf tickets and Promotional signage – as well as having the ability to present product/brand images and additional information such as ingredients and allergy warnings. Print Controller ensures that the Product, Price, Offer and Unit Price information is prominent, consistent and easy to read.

In addition, Print Controller automatically prints tickets and signage by store-walk order, department, section, group,  class or planogram, ensuring staff productivity is optimised and paper waste minimised. Print Controller even includes checking and validation routines to confirm to store management and Head Office that price and promotional tickets have been correctly displayed and have not just been printed – if required photographic evidence or ticketing surveys can be requested.

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