So why is Metro by far the most popular branch management solution worldwide? Is it because RMS was the first to offer this much functionality from a single technology instance, or is there some ‘secret sauce’ that makes it the first choice for advanced, sophisticated operators?

Possibly, but there are other considerations. Metro has evolved through hardcore, hard-won experience – the kind that cannot be bought – only earnt. So without simply pointing at the vast range of its capabilities, is there one single feature that makes it stand out from the many imitators? Well actually,  yes there is, and it’s built into the very heart of Metro, deep within the core of its foundation lies the key difference from any other software product.

Metro Foundation

Foundation is the hub that all Metro applications reside on, a single place to select your audience according to their attributes within your own organisations’ bespoke hierarchy. This ‘audience picker’ capability ensures the correct instruction, activity request, or required response is explicitly tailored to your own exclusive environment, and this core capability is driven right through every Metro application.

As your business structure changes and evolves, it too can be instantly changed to reflect locations, roles and capabilities – no code changes required. Your organisation can be as flexible as you demand ensuring the right people across the organisation are privy to every aspect of their working activities and not drowned in a deluge of non-essential, inconsequential information that rarely covers the essentials.

The upshot of Foundation is limitless flexibility, seamlessly linked with the vast capabilities Metro brings to keep your operations concise, taught and controlled. So there’s no secret sauce, just a recipe for success.

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