Karen Dyke: If someone said to be me back in March 2020 that we would still be in lockdown a year later, I wouldn’t have believed them – but here we are, and what a year it has been!

For RMS, in some ways, it has been business as usual. We have been blessed to be able to continue operations 100% albeit with many of us working remotely. We have supported our customers during this uncertain and challenging period – some have been struggling with minimal trade and others have witnessed a business explosion – each has required different support from RMS, and we have risen to the task with grit and determination.

The majority of our team has managed to avoid too much interaction with COVID itself and we have remained healthy and strong throughout. During this time, our Metro team has been focusing on product developments across the whole of the Metro platform. We have reacted to ever-shifting changes in priorities as we all experienced the implications COVID 19 had on our business.

Personally, I understood early on that the need to engage with remote employees was going to be of paramount importance, along with the need for so many different styles of communication. Our beating heart – Unified Comms – has been at the front and centre of our day-to-day communications and engagement, and one personal benefit for me personally is that I am no longer quite so camera shy!

Our many company updates and briefings were undertaken using video. We had daily ‘How are you doing?’ team calls from day one of lockdown to ensure the team remained connected and have seen a significant amount of increased traffic from all RMS team members sharing news, updates, and announcements through our own platform.

The team are poised ready for normal life and looking forward to hearing your feedback on some incredible developments in the product suite – like everyone, we are looking forward to having the opportunity to shop, have a beer, socialise, and engage outside of a ‘box’ soon – until then, keep safe and well!

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