Already responsible for benefiting many retailers with increased revenues and profitability, Metro Print Controller makes it simple to bring ‘tickets that sell’ to the shelf edge faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Whether you are looking to drive sales, reduce print costs, or improve compliance, Print Controller delivers all of this and more.


In today’s modern retail environments, shoppers are confronted with a different offer on average every half second. To increase the odds of purchase, products must be made more appealing and engaging on-shelf. Overcoming the challenges of communicating great deals, offers and value is vital to driving sales, customer experience, and brand engagement – it’s against this increasingly competitive backdrop Print Controller has been designed to deliver maximum value. With shoppers relying on visual cues more than any other ‘sensory stimuli’, the shelf edge has always been regarded by RMS as singularly the most important piece of real estate any retail business owns, and that shows through when you take a closer look at how Print Controller differs from other print solutions and processes available.

Print Controller delivers on-demand, best-in-class Point of Sale material and Shelf Edge Labelling when and where it is needed most. An intuitive, easy to use, mobile-ready print portal provides instant access to all styles of print material, from shelf edge labels, ingredient and allergy stickers, to shelf-talkers and barkers. Additionally, it also takes care of everything today’s modern retailer needs to ensure legal and operational compliance – from accurate product descriptions, prices, barcodes, detailed ingredient, and allergy content, to country of origins, QR codes, emotive imagery, marketing messages and brand rules – it also contains functionality to confirm POS material has been placed, updated, or removed as necessary.


Stand-alone or integrated as part of Metro’s task/compliance functionality, Print Controller provides Head Office Operations and Marketing Teams with complete visibility of all price and promotion changes that take place, complete with confirmation that deals and offers have been printed, implemented, are correct and in place.

Print Controller brings significant advancements over legacy POS Ticketing solutions – for example, the solution enables retailers to display more detailed ticketing data that allows them to present customers all the information they require to make a buying decision, in front of the product, at the shelf edge – all tickets can be printed in full colour onsite or be sent to a 3rd party printer of choice, and can include additional visual content in terms of product imagery, brand logos, or product scenes that help promote an emotional connection with a product.

To see how Print Controller can re-energise your shelf edge, drop us a line today.




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