Increasing complexity of supply chains makes it difficult for industry to monitor the source and security of food – raising the possibility that food safety hazards will emerge at any time. So what would happen in your business should the unthinkable happen. Do you have an effective urgent messaging or product recall process?

In the latest quarterly summary from leading science translational science business Fera, they state that proactively protecting the food supply chain is paramount for safeguarding company profitability, liability, reputation, and survival. In just the past few months, high-profile recalls of canned tuna, chocolate, pistachios, baby food, potato chips and other products have prompted consumers to question whether companies within the food supply chain (and retail in general) really have their best interests in mind.

Unfortunately, companies have discovered that a single incident of tampering, tainting or contamination can have disastrous consequences to their brand and, in some cases, to their company.

Don’t think for a moment this only concerns food though. Electrical, baby, clothing and other retail sectors have all had their fair share of recalls too. When there is a significant danger to health the speed and confidence that a product has been withdrawn from sale can be the difference in some cases between life and death.

In these instances, an email, or ‘round-robin’ telephone call feels archaic and inadequate to instruct multiple stores to immediately remove a product and for head office to be confident that they have done so.

Every retailer in today’s marketplace must have the ability to create tasks and product recalls, flag as urgent and manage compliance. Metro’s Unified Comms module enables retailers to quickly and easily publish urgent tasks and product recalls to all or specific store groups. Task compliance can be monitored in real-time and measured in terms of time taken, non-completion reason codes and varying degrees of compliance (i.e. unread, in progress or complete). Outstanding tasks are displayed clearly to the user, enabling them to gain a clear picture as to their level of compliance.

Having a robust proven Comms, Compliance and Product Recall toolset in your business will not only help protect your employees but reduce operational risks and protect your brand and shareholder value. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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