Retail Manager Solutions is delighted to announce that DFS, the number one sofa specialist in Europe, has chosen Metro to enhance its Team Communications, Engagement, Task Management and Compliance.

Metro‘s Unified Comms and Process modules enable DFS to manage Team Communications, Engagement, Task Management and Compliance across its portfolio of stores. This includes the ability to send voice, video and written communications to individuals working across locations, ensuring that they only hear, see and read information or tasks that are relevant to them or their role. All Metro modules (of which there are nine to choose from), operate seamlessly with each other, using a common platform called ‘Foundation’, removing the need for the use of several different applications and consolidating the modules into one interconnected suite.

Metro Map

DFS is the leading retailer of sofas and living room furniture in the UK, with more than 120 stores across the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Spain. DFS employs over 3,600 people, from production and supply chain to retail and administration.

Cara Macdonald, Retail Operations Co-Ordinating Manager at DFS commented: “For DFS, RMS and Metro are the perfect fit. It’s been a pleasure working with the team in rolling out the Unified Comms element, knowing that it is going to offer great support to our retail teams.”

Karen Dyke, RMS’ Managing Director said, “We love working with the DFS team in Doncaster. The passion shown by the team has been fantastic delivering a great solution in such a short space of time.”

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