People like to dabble around in the world of personal productivity tools – Word or Pages instead of a typewriter, Excel or Sheets instead of a calculator and PowerPoint or Keynote instead of overhead slides.

And just like their predecessors, they are not easily shareable – all that has happened is that we get even more distracted in them – however, the results stay the same.

Return on Investment on these ‘personal productivity tools’ has never peaked 15% – In fact looking at the time and effort we sink in them it is probably negative.

Collaboration is not a natural human state of mind. For some, information is power with the belief that withholding information creates empires. Secret knowledge is the currency of the naive. Trying to get different business teams to share for the greater good contravenes all the lessons that were learned in the nursery – so almost impossible to correct with software tools that actually amplify bad behaviour.

The only way to achieve genuine collaboration is by enforcement, and that isn’t as draconian as it may sound. It simply means utilising business processes for business colleagues to follow with software. This simple automation ensures that information created in the business is distributed to the right people, at the right time, with gatekeepers ensuring that the right roles, in the right locations, in the right hierarchy are targeted and kept up to date with the right information.

Wrapping data with process is not as hard as it sounds – there is a simple flow of process throughout all organisations. Creating ‘wrappers’ to identify content, ensuring ‘best by’ dates, target audiences and approval steps create ‘one version of the truth’ rather than the scatter-gun result that happens by sending files from email or publishing to an intranet – once they have escaped it is impossible to manage their destinations or revisions.

This is why Metro produces such an outstanding ROI – all activities are bound by straight forward process automation that ensures ‘one version of the truth’ ending cascades of out of date irrelevant email and time-wasting searching for data.

If a Metro installation at your business is unable to measurably, massively improve your organisation’s productivity – then we should not be in business! Put us to the test and contact us today

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