Have you ever noticed how easily written instructions can be misunderstood?

Perhaps you find your instructional emails sometimes turn into short novels yet still manage to produce multiple versions of ‘what good looks like’?

Thankfully RMS customers don’t have this problem as Metro comes fully loaded with many different ways to connect, communicate and engage store teams and individuals. In addition to traditional written messaging, Metro’s Unified Comms module also supports Voice, Video, Chat and Picture messaging to ensure tasks are delivered with 100% clarity.

Metrogram enables store teams to receive, capture and send photographic evidence of tasks so colleagues at head office can be assured of 100% compliance, whether it’s visual merchandising, promotional displays, planogram implementation or a product recall; nothing tops photographic evidence to illustrate and confirm that something has been done correctly.

Additionally, metrogram can be used to capture maintenance and/or other issues that benefit from photographic evidence, as well, of course, the ability to share lighter-hearted moments across the business.

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