We’ve shared before what keeps Metro on the top spot for branch control and communication, but one question that comes up from time to time is “What’s Metro’s USP”? Let’s take a look…

For every application Metro offers, there are countless other vendors out there that can provide an alternative, however, to our knowledge, no other software vendor even comes close when it comes to offering this much ‘world-class’ functionality from a single product set – and this has compelling benefits.

Metro has more than 80 different applications running off a single, cloud-based platform called Foundation. This is the hub that all Metro applications reside on, a single place to select your audience according to their attributes within your own organisation’s bespoke hierarchy.

Foundations ‘audience picker’ ensures the correct instruction, activity request, or required response is explicitly tailored to your own exclusive environment, and this core capability is driven right through every Metro application.

As your business structure changes and evolves, it too can be instantly changed to reflect locations, roles and capabilities – no code changes required. Your organisation can be as flexible as you demand to ensure the right people across the organisation are privy to every aspect of their working activities and not drowned in a deluge of non-essential, inconsequential information that rarely covers the essentials.

The upshot of Foundation is limitless flexibility, seamlessly linked with the vast capabilities Metro brings to keep your operations concise, taught and controlled. We’ve designed Metro to work across multiple brands and industries. Fit for purpose, and developed by people who have actually worked at the sharp end of the industries we serve, it’s been built from the ground up with your end-users in mind. As a consequence, Metro is as effective in hospitality and healthcare as it is within retail.

If your business has a Head Office with various departments and locations distributed across the country (be they Shops, Stores, Warehouses, Hospitals, Surgeries, Spas, Salons, Fitness Centres, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants or Hotels), then Metro will make them more efficient.

Furthermore, if your business trades across the globe and/or under multiple facias, then we can service them all from a single instance of Metro, with each location being on-brand – no requirement to have separate sets of technology for each.

This benefit leads us to Metro’s industry-leading ROI, where the more applications your business takes, the more cost-effective it becomes. Take for example two businesses looking for solutions to help improve their communications, compliance and staff scheduling.

Business 1 might select an email solution for communications. Another to measure compliance and another for scheduling. Three disparate solutions from probably three different vendors. That’s three different licence and support agreements, with three separate projects requiring three sets of integration and testing etc – you get the picture.

Business 2 selects Metro. Project managed by their own dedicated Team Metro Account Manager, we simply set up an instance of Metro in the cloud and then via a range of restful API’s quickly integrate into the businesses existing systems to seamlessly bring data in and out of Metro.

Once the Hierarchy is set, applications configured, and homepages designed that’s pretty much it. You can roll out as and when you choose with just one person to liaise with, one number to call for any support and one low monthly cost, per store, per month.

There you have it – three of many Metro USP’s, so whatever your business, to keep doing it better drop us a line to hear more.

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