Reading the sad events that unfolded recently due to an incorrectly labelled baguette, whilst also hearing of another death due to an allergic reaction, one cannot help think with all the technology available how these tragic events could have been avoided.

Obviously, education at branch level regarding ingredients is essential, but simple processes to ensure that when ingredient suppliers are changed must be available, followed and compliance checked.

The ability to print and reprint guidance on contents must be available locally and conform to Company standards of format and disclosure.

Granted, it’s not a simple operation to bring all of these disciplines together to ensure full compliance particularly if your organisation has a myriad of applications to educate, instruct, action and verify each activity required.

And clearly, it is essential that HQ have a view of any change that takes place with verification of rules and actions relating to them so they can be followed up to ensure complete compliance across the estate – right the way down to delivering localised ingredients labelling to ensure coverage of any variance due to regional supply.

If your business needs to label products accurately, warn customers of allergies and inform teams of important changes, please get in touch.

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