Well, one viewpoint is the care we put into our customers – no random email surveys or the occasional telephone call here, each customer is allocated their own Team Metro personnel – real people who genuinely care, who are employed just to ensure your businesses gets the best out of your investment.

Team Metro

Left to right, Team Metro’s Kate Robins, Sarah Snow, Giles Pedlar, Matt Judge

Consultants? Maybe, but not the kind that seek only opportunities to charge extortionate amounts of money like some software vendors, our consultants don’t cost you a penny! Year in, year out, you will have them in your office, on the end of a phone (their mobile) – not some call centre with faceless, nameless people but your very own dedicated resource, who works at your side, and is a member of your team.

Let us be very clear on this – each Team Metro member has one mission –

‘To make sure each client is using their software to the fullest benefit of the organisation’.

Our Team Metro personnel are highly skilled in all aspects of Metro, from first steps to the very best practise, enjoying experience shared across all members of the team, there is no problem that has not been encountered before and resolved quickly. New ways of enhancing the benefits of our products are exchanged on a daily basis ensuring your commercial advantage is extended every time.

When your team feel confident they can call a friend for advice, education, or ideas without charge, they can move ahead confidently knowing that any expansion, change, or revision to their system can be executed quickly and reliably. This confidence means that every metro installation is a winner – every time.

The RMS mission is simple too –

‘To provide cost effective solutions that allow you to ‘do business better’

Find out for yourself how Team Metro constantly push for new and innovative ways to achieve this.


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