I read an interesting post this morning on the Retail Technology Review website on the back of recent news that luxury brands have destroyed millions of pounds worth of unsold merchandise to avoid their products falling into the wrong hands and being sold on the “grey market” at knockdown prices.

It goes on to say how AI & Machine Learning can and will play a key part in predicting optimal pricing, and I am sure this will be the case, however for many leading fashion brands, it’s the ability to execute price changes that is the struggle – nobody wants to see a premium brand presented with swing tickets struck through in red pen and a new lower price scribbled somewhere on the ticket.

If they want to preserve the brand standards they need to be able to produce new swing tickets in-store and on-demand. Print Controller from RMS does exactly this and allow top brands to execute optimal pricing quickly, and crucially, with the quality and standards that go into presenting their brand in-store – I’ve written a blog about this before where according to Help Scout (a customer service software provider) 95% of customers say that damaged or poor quality packaging (for which I include ticketing) would negatively impact their perception of a retailer brand.

Check out this blog for more on this topic and get in touch if you are unable to re-ticket items in your store.


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