I’ve been out with Karen this week, Managing Director of RMS…it was hot and sunny as my sunburnt ‘follically challenged’ head can now testify, but we often go out and see prospective clients together as she just loves meeting and speaking with retailers. As Karen was taking the client through some of the great features metro offers, I was busy taking notes and observing the reactions of the client as he saw and heard what our ‘Unified Comms’ module can do.

Of the many features the client liked most was how, whilst creating a task, the inbuilt workflow places the author firmly in the shoes of the recipient. For example, having once created the task and sub tasks, targeted the audience and added any attachments, the tab to be completed next in the workflow is FAQ …in other words “What questions are the recipients of the task most likely to ask in order to help them complete it?”.

Frequently Asked QuestionsAdditionally, contained within the FAQ tab is the facility to nominate a ‘Q&A Expert’, so that in the event any questions need to be asked, these are sent directly to the most relevant team member likely to know the answer – missing/additional FAQ’s can then be then added to the task for those yet to complete. Utilising the FAQ tab has been proven to significantly improve compliance and the likelihood a task will be completed without delay.

It’s features and understanding like this that make RMS’ Unified Comms module really stand out, and is a significant reason why more than 80 leading brands and retailers choose to trust their comms, compliance, people, print and project needs to RMS. If you’d like us to give you a personalised demonstration of how this can work for your business, simply give us a call or get in touch here.

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