Eliminate wastage.

Retailers find that 25-50% of all in-store ticketing and POS goes unused, and up to 30% of in-store tickets printed are unnecessary. This is often due to inaccurate or non-existent store profiling and incorrect data. Eliminating a one-size-fits-all approach and improving data accuracy helps retailers reduce their print volumes and paper wastage whilst increasing productivity and profitability. The impact of less print waste can also equate to substantial cost savings and greater environmental sustainability through reduced energy consumption and transport costs.


Simplify processes and improve efficiency.

The POS and ticketing reviews we have conducted with national retailers found that the time required to deploy ticketing and POS material is, on the whole, considerably higher than the time retailers allocate to the task. On average, retailers spend 75% more time coordinating and deploying promotional signage in-store than the allotted time. Effective batch processing of new items and price changes, along with planogram and departmental collation of these items, can create time savings of up to 50%. 


Auditing and compliance 

From our experience, we found that in many instances, retailers use disjointed systems to coordinate and audit their in-store signage, and this disconnect often causes compliance issues. Retailers can eliminate errors and improve compliance with an end-to-end ticketing solution that integrates with business data and key operational processes. Automation and workflow management ensures accuracy and improves efficiency, whilst integration with store systems closes the loop and provides a complete audit trail of all in-store ticketing activity to maintain compliance and due diligence.


How much could you save by cutting your ticketing and signage costs?

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