There’s no denying, we find ourselves in difficult and uncertain times. Our work colleagues and customers are worried – both on a personal and professional level – at times of crisis, people need to be kept up to speed as to what is going on in their place of work.

Employee engagement is easier to do when face to face on a daily basis, however, it’s far more difficult when your workforce is either working remotely or furloughed. Particularly when everywhere we look there’s new and differing information (perhaps even too-much-information) to take in surrounding the current COVID-19 crisis.

Cutting through this information, assuring and supporting those who depend on us has never been more critical or challenging for business leaders. And whilst email and intranets play a part in ‘business as usual’ activities whilst in the office, they fall painfully short on many levels when it comes to engaging with remote teams effectively, sincerely and with clarity.

We’ve seen activity on our Metro Unified Comms platform increase almost threefold across Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare. Metro Unified Comms enables business leaders to reach every employee on an individual level and deliver critical updates across departments, locations, and languages with an easy-to-use mobile-ready platform. What’s more, at a glance you can see who has read and understood messages and communications across the board.

Do you need to connect with your team during COVID-19? If so, get in touch to find out more.

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