Well, one of the big factors is cost – not cost to purchase, but the cost savings to the organisation of getting rid of dozens of other software products that are superseded by metro.

The cost of keeping multiple software applications running is often overlooked, but a harder look at the cost implications is often surprising. Ignore purchase costs (you cannot get that back) but instead, look at the ongoing running expenses. Annual subscriptions, support and maintenance cost can be seen clearly, but what about the other costs around the estate?

Consider for a moment the number of apps on your smartphone – 10, 20, 100?  How many do you actually use on a daily basis? Can you remember why you downloaded them? More importantly – can you remember how to use them!?

Let’s go further – can you even remember how to login to them? Of course not, and you are not alone. Diving in and out of different applications means at best, shallow use of the application’s functionality or worse, frustration and distraction from its primary use. So imagine a new employee starting at your company – presented with a desktop full of different application icons, how on earth do you train them in every application?

Each with its own user interface, often with different login requirements and of course, everyone with a different source to receive help, how can any organisation avoid application bounce? Put simply, they can’t …

Efficient operators hold employees in as few application environments as possible, preferably with a single sign-on to ensure there is ongoing application currency – a real need to use daily. This keeps user fluency and drives productivity – it also prevents individuals from becoming ‘the only one that knows‘ and all the management difficulties that results in – we all know of at least one in every office so imagine the scale of this problem across every branch! Lastly, try measuring the loss of productivity and distraction – not a pleasant calculation!

Now compare this to Metro – where every activity required to perfectly manage your distributed environment is in one complete user interface, at one low cost.



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