Dropping into my local supermarket this weekend it was hard not to notice all the Fireworks, Pumpkins and Tins of Chocolates taking over the first aisle…it will be the turn of Beer, Prosecco and bumper bags of mixed nuts next!

It was also hard not to notice the checkout supervisor struggling to remember which staff members had been briefed on the rules and regulations surrounding the sale of Fireworks and other age-related items

Despite reams of paperwork and signature sheets it looked almost impossible to be certain everyone had received a briefing, let alone understood the implications of getting things wrong – signature sheets, leaflets, handouts and signs can only do so much, so what if I was to tell you ‘there is a better way’!

Unified Comms enables retailers to communicate and engage with their workforce on an individual level meaning each and every member of your store teams can be given their own personal login to their own personal Metro homepage, a place where information (such age-related sales for example) and content can be published specifically to them based on their role.

With local trading standards authorities and the government adopting a zero-tolerance stance where the sale of age-related products to underaged people is concerned, the cost of infringement is often greater than the maximum fine.

For example, selling or supplying alcohol to children currently has a maximum fine of £5,000 for a first offence. Personal licences can also be suspended or forfeited, however, the fine increases to £20,000 for persistently selling alcohol to children and the premises may be prevented from selling alcohol for a period of up to 2 weeks. If you sell fireworks to the underaged you’ll not only be looking at up to a £5,000 fine but up to 6 months imprisonment!

With in-built confirmation and compliance routines, Managers and Head Office can see which members of their store teams have seen and confirmed that they have read, watched or listened to briefings, instructions and information that is pertinent to their job.

Unified Comms is changing how those involved in Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare and Fitness are engaging with each other whilst at the same time, driving compliance, service standards, customer and staff satisfaction.

Contact us today to hear more about how Unified Comms is working for many of the UK’s leading retailers. Call +44 (0)2380 816000 or drop us a line and arrange your personal demonstration of Unified Comms – part of our award-winning metro product suite.

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