Everyone’s shouting about Black Friday, but really, when is it?

Not long ago, shoppers could simply pencil in one Friday a year and get all their Christmas shopping done online in one swoop, but those ever-creative retailers with their Bricks, Clicks and Omni/Multi-channel have gone and spoilt it.

Black Friday it seems, has suddenly turned into Black November. Morphing almost overnight into its very own shopping season, retailers today have even more complex plans and information to communicate to stores and require agile tools to execute in-store.

The retail high street is a battleground during Black Friday season – the ‘Golden Quarter’. The ‘Make or Break’ period where retailers budgets are hit or missed. Being able to react to both high-streets competitors, and those who only operate online is imperative should the battle for the purse be won. Thankfully, RMS has all the tools you require to make Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, or Whatever Weekday a complete trading success.

For concise Comms and Compliance, look no further than our Unified Comms. Providing personalised communication and compliance activities via personalised homepages; Content, tasks, social communications, messaging, feedback and more is delivered directly to each user via any browser-enabled device. Designed with today’s mobile workforce in mind, Unified Comms ensures store team members only receive information relevant to their role along with when and where they are working.

For outstanding staff scheduling, look at our Workforce Management. Offering a flexible and effective labour scheduling toolset that optimises scheduling by store, week and unique store trading activities; With no hardcoded algorithms this WFM tool adapts to each stores business as it changes. Automated schedules can be created at the press of a button, taking into account costs, skills and availability before being communicated to each individual.

For on-demand Ticketing, Print Controller line delivers the best in class Point of Sale material and Shelf Edge Ticketing at the shelf edge. A full in-store print portal provides instant access to all styles of print material, from shelf edge labels, stickers, shelf talkers and digital signage. Integrated with Unified Comms, RMS recognises that communication to both store teams and customers is paramount to driving sales, compliance, customer experience and engagement.

Request a personalised demo today, or any time of the week, regardless of the day, week, month or year!

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