Act in haste, repent at leisure happens to be one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received and has served me well over the years, stopping me from making quite a few unnecessary and potentially costly mistakes.

Believed to have been adapted from the proverbial saying first expressed in print by William Congreve in 1692, he remarks about the perils of marrying in haste and repenting at leisure – wind forward 300+ years, the same can be said for the deployment of technology.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve seen an explosion in technology deployment driven by an urgent need to adapt to the changes of COVID-19. In our world, that had meant witnessing some businesses deploy the first solutions they could find in haste to help them fix whatever problem they had to resolve, from engaging and communicating with their workforce to driving new policies and procedures. With that urgent need behind us, as we enter the final quarter of 2021, now really is the time to revisit what was put in place and sense check whether it is still the right solution for 2022 and beyond.

If you can’t answer YES to these four questions, please give us a call and take a look at Metro.

i) Are your costs based on users? At RMS, we believe everyone has a voice, an opinion and deserves to be heard; therefore, we base our commercials on the number of sites, not users. Metro enables every person in your business, from the CEO down, to access their own personal digital workplace, explicitly designed for what they do, when and where they work. It also enables access to other applications you might already have in the business from a single point of entry.

ii) Does your solution work seamlessly with Office 365? Metro allows you to create and publish content directly from Office 365, meaning users do not have to create and upload documents outside of Metro, resulting in a much richer and more productive experience. It also enables you to schedule and join Teams calls, and react to posts and content with comments and reactions.

iii) Can you add additional applications and modules to your technology ecosystem without having to start from scratch? Metro’s unique technology architecture enables users to add additional functionality and applications from RMS with minimal effort. A single technology foundation with more than 100 different applications across our product set can be configured and added to your existing Metro instance quickly and more cost-effectively than starting a new project from scratch.

iv) Can you direct messaging, tasks and content to a granular level? Metro is the only operational toolset that enables your business to send information (tasks or content) to a group of sites with a distinct set of attributes, to a specific role, with a particular skill, who works on a certain day, at a set time. Foundations’ audience picker’ ensures the correct instruction, activity request, or required response is explicitly tailored to your exclusive environment, and this core capability is driven right through every Metro application. In addition to managing your business hierarchy, location attributes, security and authentication, Metro’s Foundation facilitates the free movement of data in and out of the platform seamlessly between modules.

Metro is already helping more than 120 leading retail, hospitality and healthcare brands connect, engage, and empower their workforce, one-to-one. To sense-check functionally, commercially and culturally, if you’ve got the right solutions in your business, now is the only time I will ever suggest you act in haste – give us a call today!

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