A family pack of 5 Granny Smith apples weighing 670g will cost you £1.50 – that’s 30 pence each if you do the maths, or as some major retailers helpfully put it £2.24/kg.

Buy the same apples loose from the same store and you’ll find they are priced at 32 pence each – or £2.00/kg – I’m not sure I follow how that works either?

Get them sliced and sold in a tin and it becomes cheaper again. Plus they will last longer and cost you only 75p per tin…or £1.95/kg. So, which really represents the best value? Can you work out what’s cheapest to buy? If not, then welcome to the confusion that is called unit pricing.

Unit pricing is a great idea in theory, although in practice it is difficult to get right – it’s supposed to be a useful tool for people to simply compare food prices and choose the best value products, however with each and every supermarket choosing to present the information differently it’s not surprising time-poor, cash-strapped consumers are finding it all a bit of a chore to work out where the best value is.

As a former supermarket manager my shop-floor experience tells me the daily/weekly visit to the supermarket needs to be a simple, speedy and smooth experience – shoppers shouldn’t have to spend time working out what the deal is or what’s the best value, which is why Metro Print Controller is the answer every retailer has been waiting for.

Clear, consistent food pricing

Built-in rules and calculations ensure that tickets printed via Print Controller are consistent and accurate right the way across all shelf tickets and Promotional offers – as well as having the ability to present product/brand images and additional information such as ingredients and allergy warnings. Print Controller ensures that the Product, Price, Offer and Unit Price information is prominent, consistent and easy to read. Get in touch if your ticketing software is falling short of your customer expectations – conversations with the RMS team are free – the rewards much greater. Call: +44 2380 816000 or drop us a line here

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