I always loved this time of year in retail. The comparative calm before the madness of Christmas kicks in ‘crowned’ with high expectations for the New Year ahead…. and of course it’s also the time where that other great annual tradition takes place – Planning, Forecasting and the setting of Budgets.

At RMS we regularly talk to all of our customers throughout the year about how they are delivering their activities and plans however in September, October and November we enjoy talking with new customers as they explore how they are going to improve on what they did this year and importantly identify efficiency savings for the next.

Their discussions with us range from how they are going to plan, communicate and measure tasks and activities to delivering e-learning programs along with more effective scheduling of staff who will deliver a class leading shopping experience that includes also, how to best engage with customers at the shelf edge and promote offers in-store.

At this year’s User Forum in July, RMS unveiled metro – the name given to RMS’s new collective toolset of applications designed to achieve perfect coordination, compliance and execution in distributed environments such as Retail, Healthcare and Hospitality.



Using a common platform, all metro modules (of which there are 9 to choose from) operate seamlessly with each other removing the need for dozens of expensive and difficult to maintain applications from different vendors to consolidate into one interconnected suite. No other solution offers this breadth of functionality via a simple pick & mix, try before you buy, cloud based subscription service posing unrivalled choice and value.
Why not put metro to the test – we are happy to share our experience on how more than 75 other leading brands and retailers have built their cost justifications for having RMS as part of their annual budget. Call: +44 2380 816000 or Email: Contact@retail-manager.com to find out more
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