Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, a method of communication that has truly stood the test of time. Today, business applications are integrating with voice communication to bring productivity benefits to users. RMS is no exception in recognising the importance of telecommunication and the additional benefits it can bring when integrated into Metro.

Imagine if an Area Manager wanted to get a voice message to all of their stores, it would take them an hour or so of ringing round each store and repeating the message. Then calling back the stores where they forgot to mention something, or if the store had been too busy to answer the phone. What if they could make one call which would be recorded and sent to all the stores, a clear and concise message, which can be tracked to ensure the store actually listened to it? But let’s not end the conversation there, what if the stores wanted to reply to the message? They can simply click a reply button and compose a message to be sent back to the Area Manager by email and the conversation continues.

Conference calling is an important and commonly used business tool, there are lots of telecommunications companies that offer this service, but there’s still scope to add more value specific to the Retail environment. An Area Manager, for example, could schedule a conference call, perhaps to repeat every week, and invite stores to participate. The call would then appear on the store calendar. It could even be set up to proactively call the store to connect them to the call, rather than the traditional method of the store dialling in. Of course, it’s not always possible to attend conference calls, but they can be set up to be recorded so anyone absent can listen to what was said later. All of this is compliance tracked, so you can see who attended the conference call, and who has listened to the recording.

All of this additional functionality is provided at a very competitive rate, often cheaper than existing service providers that Retailers are using. To find out more, contact us where we would love to tell you more.

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