Driven by social networking, video media has become an integral part of the way we communicate and as a result many organisations have video media assets that they need to manage and share, from the latest product marketing campaigns through to company training videos.

RMS is working to help make the most of these valuable assets by providing a platform on which video can be published to targeted audiences, delivered to cross platform devices at the best quality possible.

<span class=metro – a collective toolset of application to achieve perfect coordination, compliance and execution in a distributed environment such as Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare. ” width=”307″ height=”173″ />By integrating video assets into its flagship metro suite of applications you can publish video ‘on demand’ to targeted audiences whilst automatically tracking compliance to see who has seen your videos and when.  How you choose to broadcast your video is up to you, create a ‘video wall homepage’ or auto play a video in a homepage widget.  Alternatively, create Tasks for branches to view training videos and track compliance to ensure your staff are kept up to date.  You can upload poster images to display as placeholders for your videos that users can click on to play the content.

Video files uploaded to our media services are encoded to support a wide variety of devices, ranging from Desktop PCs, to Tablets to Smartphones as well as supporting adaptive bitrate streaming which allows the client to determine network conditions and select the most appropriate bitrate.  If network conditions degrade the client automatically selects a lower bitrate allowing video play to continue at a lower quality.  Once network conditions improve the client can switch back to a higher bitrate with improved quality.

To find out how metro is helping enhance communication and engagement for many of the UK’s leading retailers call +44 2380 816000 or email and arrange your personal demonstration of Unified Comms – part of our award winning metro product suite.

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