Employee scheduling is one of the most poorly supported HR tasks performed by retailers and often one of the most unliked. Do I meet my labour budget? Do I give the best customer experience?

Typically created by the Store Managers a few weeks in advance and using their thoughts as to how many people should be in, much depends on what extra sales are required and what’s happening regarding new promotions and the competition. Lots of choices and decisions to make often with no system support. Do I need to consider new promotions, new exit plans, major merchandising activities and how do I incorporate this into my scheduling plans?

Sometimes, the peak periods are easier to plan for, Christmas/New Year Sales – it’s going to be busy. But moving into a new year post-sale, what is the best way to schedule and gain the best from their workforce?  Retailers store demands and activities change, they are different by individual outlet, by individual day and week – not one size fits all. 

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to easily understand what the true store staffing needs are, to see the true headcount requirement and to have clear visibility of the store and employee productivity?

Customers at RMS don’t have these worries as they are using Metro’s Workforce Management solution, giving them the ability to create base staff planning and ensure that the mismatch between customers and staffing is utilised and the gap closed, maximising the customer service opportunity. 

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity to increase sales, optimise labour costs and to deliver the best customer experience. Contact RMS today and find out how Metro can help you close the gap and deliver the service.

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