As more businesses expand into mainland Europe and beyond, language barriers between the new estate and head office need to be overcome. Having effective and efficient lines of communication between the front line and HQ is essential for success.

Using a common tool for communication that can be used by staff in their native language breaks down these barriers. Helping head office to publish content and tasks to branches in multiple languages seamlessly by using the latest in machine translation technology allows the rapid roll-out of information.

Supporting different time zones is another key factor to consider, something that you don’t have to worry about when using Spoke to schedule tasks as users will always see dates and times adjusted to their local time zone.

Being able to communicate via conference calls from head office in the UK to European branches and field staff using local numbers is another example of keeping down costs while benefiting from the most effective form of communication. See our blog post on Voice Communication for more.

The ability to track compliance across the entire organisation provides confidence that all communication to the estate, both domestic and foreign, is read and acted upon.  Interactive dashboards break down activities with drill-down detail to individual branches and provide links to follow up activities for non-compliance.

Maintaining business continuity while expanding abroad using a global approach to communication will certainly provide benefits throughout the expansion period and into the long term future.

Supporting effective communication is core to our service. We have built many supporting features around this to help solve challenges that rely on this foundation.

Visit our Unified Comms product page to find out more.

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