The big day has arrived – all the money, hard work, sweat and tears are about to pay off. You have your final checklist of things to confirm before you open the doors and start trading for the first time, so let’s run through a few of them…

  1. Store built (at a fairly hefty cost!) and all kitted out with the necessary technology and Wi-Fi to go trading in the 21st century. (check)
  2. Store fully stocked with the latest ‘must-have’ items. (check)
  3. Staff all trained and eager to serve on the checkouts. (check)
  4. Point of Sale (POS) all placed in front of Opening day special promotions – (check) ….oh, wait… some POS is missing and also that fantastic opening day offer has just been gazumped by the local competition opposite. SO NOW WHAT?

Wait for 48 to hours (or maybe a week) for some new POS to be created, approved, printed, posted and hope it arrives before the weekend? Handwrite a temporary piece of POS and hope no-one notices?

You could go and make something up on PowerPoint or in MS Word right? I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

The reality is if you are missing the ability to produce and print Point of Sale material in-store you are going to be plagued with this kind of issue every day you open your doors – the simple fact is Point of Sale material goes missing, Prices increase and decrease, descriptions and offers change often at a furious rate. If the offer is multi-save or link-save then it’s even worse as without POS the product is effectively not on offer and that impacts sales and stock turn.

The shelf edge is one of the most precious pieces of retail estate a retailer controls and is certainly the battleground where sales are won or lost as customers seek the information they need in order to make a buying decision – So why do so many retailers get it so wrong and under-invest in this crucial area?

At RMS we understand that shelf edge ticketing and POS are a necessary evil but play a major part in every customer’s shopping experience so we have invested our technology know-how into providing retailers with simple to use technology that delivers accurate, attractive and impactful shelf edge labels (SEL’s) and POS for printing on-demand in-store.

Metro Print Controller software can be simply integrated to work with your existing Epos software to improve the standard (read as ‘boring’) SEL’s that come as standard or can be used as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with our other RMS products. Our simple to use Print Control Designer enables you to quickly and easily design eye-catching and impactful SEL and POS templates that can then be used to publish content via local printers (or if you choose digital media displays such as Electronic Shelf Edge Labels). In-built spell checkers guard against accidental errors (including profanities!) and can also include within the template images, icons, customer reviews, brand logos and QR codes to ensure your SEL’s and POS tickets provide the very best shelf edge experience in order to maximise sales.


The simple to use web-based interface allows store staff to easily print batches of SEL tickets or search for POS that can be reprinted immediately on a local printer in-store. Print Controller software from RMS even has a mobile app so that replacement tickets can be ordered from the shelf keeping staff on the sales floor where they are needed most.

To find out more about Print Controller and how it can work for your stores contact us on +44 (0)2380 816000 or email:

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