For more than a decade RMS have been providing retail, hospitality and healthcare teams with a range of software tools to help manage their distributed businesses more effectively. With solutions designed to support Operations, Compliance, HR, Buying, Project and Marketing teams, RMS is proud to be working with more than 80 of the UK’s best-known brands and retailers. Our customers value our open and collaborative culture, which makes it easier for them to engage with us.

This culture has developed our innate ability to listen deeply to our customer-specific and industry-wide challenges and respond with insightful solutions and methodologies, which is what differentiates RMS from our competitors.

In the past, each RMS module typically stood alone, being deployed by the customer to fix a particular challenge, at a particular point in time. However, increasingly we noticed new customers wanting to take multiple modules all at once – but without the pain of multiple integrations and the replication of ‘common-to-all’ data sets.  The launch of Metro to consolidates the RMS reputation of providing ‘best in class’ solutions enabling retailers to plan their own journey according to their business requirements.

The Metro Map below provides a clear illustration of key ‘application lines’, each having interoperability, removing the need for dozens of disparate applications. Metro’s Foundation offers an extended interconnected and consolidated suite, with modules comprising communication excellence and engagement, people, workforce and learning management, process automation with workflow, contract and CRM, and Print.

Metro Map

What this means in real terms for RMS customers is that they can recycle much of the same data used to plan and target store communications, tasks and activities into (for example) our workforce management toolset – The Result – Store communications can now be targeted directly to individuals within store teams, as and when they are scheduled to work. It also means that common data for each module is held securely in the same cloud instance and passed seamlessly between modules in a much more efficient way.

Want to know more about Metro?

To find out how Metro can enhance your operations and empower your team, then contact us to arrange a brief demonstration or to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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