JollyesRMS are delighted to confirm that leading UK Petfood Retailer, Jollyes have selected RMS’ metro Unified Comms, Process and Print Controller modules. metro is the name given to RMS’s new collective toolset of applications designed to achieve perfect coordination, compliance and execution in distributed environments such as Retail.

Using a common platform, all metro modules, of which there are 9 to choose from, operate seamlessly with each other removing the need for dozens of expensive and difficult to maintain applications from different vendors to consolidate into one interconnected suite.

metro‘s Unified Comms and Process modules provides Jollyes with a host of functional capability to manage communication, task management and compliance across its estate of stores, including the ability to send Voice, Video and Written communications down to individuals working in the store, ensuring they only hear, see and read information or tasks that are relevant to them or their role.

In addition to Unified Comms and Process, they are also deploying RMS’s Print Controller module to streamline how Jollyes create, deploys and manages their in-store signage. All signage from everyday lines and special buys to offers and discounts can be created and fully deployed in minutes ‘on-demand’.  Print Controller ensures that only the most current version of any signage is used and any damaged or missing signage takes just a few minutes to reprint. It will also allow Jollyes to highlight in their signage the added value that they offer such as recommended feed quantities and high levels of expertise to ensure that customers get the quality products and information that best meets the needs of their pets and animals.

About Jollyes:

Jollyes is one of the largest chains of pet food superstores across the UK and Northern Ireland, providing a wide variety of branded pet foods, and accessories throughout all of their stores. Their strong heritage of over 40 years in the industry has enabled them to grow into a dominant market player today. All stores have friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to help with anything from product advice to picking the perfect pet and accessories. Jollyes know how important every pet is to their owner, which is why they strive to provide the best products at the best prices.

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About Retail Manager Solutions

RMS is a privately owned software company providing solutions designed for those involved in Sales, Marketing, Operations, People and Task Management working within (although not limited to) Retail, Healthcare and Hospitality sectors. Their web-browser based solutions enable effective 2-way communications across the store/branch/department network, ensuring better management and planning of people to tasks, compliance to corporate processes and the planning and execution of projects and campaigns. In these contexts, the solutions enable a real-time view for management, of all that is going on across their business estate. With clients in the UK, EMEA and N. America, RMS have more than 80 leading brands using their solutions.

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