Using API’s within software can enable integration to a wealth of additional capability, particularly from similarly architected products.

One of the most exciting areas is telephony integration, with many specialist companies now offering cloud-based voice and SMS functionality as a service. This means that software vendors can tap into powerful services that offer voice capability within web applications and also can transform tablets or PC’s to be able to make, take and process calls.

We have recently added new capability to our Unified Comms product to enable voice messages to be targeted to any level of your organisations’ hierarchy and also create and manage conference calls. All of this at a fraction of the price of traditional conference call rates, and with the additional capability of recording calls, managing security and compliance. Field teams can now make a single call and then cascade this to the entire company, region or areas of stores. Personalised messages can also be sent to individuals in the business enabling powerful personalised motivational messages to be sent and received wherever they are.

The possibilities are limitless ranging from SMS bulk delivery, SMS polling, customer service capability and support of key processes such as ‘Click and Collect’. Stores, Subject matter experts and even customers can now have the ability to interact with anyone in the organisation. To find out more about leveraging cloud-based voice services in your business contact us and request a demo – it’ll be great to hear from you!

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