Many people think of retailing as simple commerce – the activity of buying and selling, particularly on a large scale – that is certainly the case for many of our retail customers. However, I would argue it is far from simple – after all, you may have many stores in which to transact with customers. You will have a raft of different activities to undertake each day, every one of which brings an element of risk against how you deliver against budget. You will have constantly changing staffing requirements and offers to plan, promote and exit from.

At RMS we recognise that in retail there are many plates to spin, with many messages to send and be acted on, and increasingly complex rules and regulations to comply with. This complexity ranges from imparting knowledge to capturing and recording compliance, to effectively promoting how products are sold. At RMS our technology helps address all of these challenges and more but let us not forget it is the actual selling of products that matters most – converting stock to cash is key where commerce is concerned.

Generally, investing in technology is exciting but in terms of priorities, it is vital to remember it is what impact this has on the customer and what they see before selecting a product to purchase that matters the most. Impactful, colourful and informative price tickets and promotional material is what gives customers the reasons and confidence to buy. If they cannot clearly see the price or information they want they simply will not buy from you and will go elsewhere.

The smartest retailers look at things from the customer’s point of view, however many still overlook what is one of the most important pieces of real-estate in their businesses, where there is the equivalent of a full-sized billboard in almost every store of premium advertising space crying out to be put to more effective use yet it rarely presents the key information customers need in order to make a buying decision – at the most critical point – at the shelf edge. Our technology helps retailers convert browsers into buyers whilst stood at the shelf edge in their stores and can automate/present price match information, brand logos and customer ratings onto in-store ticketing and point of sale – at a speed that is unmatched. Many retailers need to improve the effectiveness of promotions at the shelf edge – We can help you do that.

RMS delivers a holistic suite of services to many of the UK’s leading retailers, providing operations teams with software tools to manage their multisite businesses. Click here to find out more about Print Controller.


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