With the latest GDP forecasts from the governor of the Bank of England predicting deflation to remain in play for much of this year Mark Carney also placed poor productivity along with underinvestment right at the centre of the story. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32720772

Productivity is crucial when it comes to managing stores. Especially those with finite resource which is why our simple to use WFM module works seamlessly with our award-winning Unified Comms and Process modules to ensure not only do stores get ‘the right messages in the right language, at the right volumes and at the right time’ we also ensure ‘the right people with the right skills’ are scheduled to receive them.

Keeping stores informed, efficient and on-track is a constant battle for many retailers yet so many get it wrong with confusing and badly timed communications from Head Office. Having worked in stores at the sharp end myself, I can assure you it’s the last thing busy shopfloor teams need. Quite often lacklustre customer service and disengaged store staff are a direct result of head office’s failure to communicate consistently its vision and that in my view is reason enough as to why retailers should take a good look at how investing in improved communications delivers significant benefits both internally and to shoppers.

To ensure high-quality communication with shoppers, our Print Controller module, for example, takes the creation and publishing of customer-facing content to a new level of effectiveness. Working with renowned industry experts RMS cannot only advise on the best hardware or media to use at any particular time but have also been taking time to understand the psychology of a shopper when it comes to optimising ticketing design – you’ll be quite surprised at how often retailers get their price points, colour choices and ticket designs so wrong.

Unique to retail, each module from RMS works seamlessly ‘across browsers’ and with one another. Our ‘keep it simple’ approach to ensuring fast and efficient delivery of solutions is evidenced by our commercial decision to offer RMS software on a simple ‘Software as a Service’ basis including an option to ‘try before you buy’.

RMS are industry-leading trusted advisers in the retail marketplace. For over a decade, more than 80 of the best-known UK retailers have reported dramatic improvements in compliance; higher productivity of employees; and increased revenue and profitability after implementing software from RMS. Get in touch to see what we can do for your business.

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