An organisation’s IT Infrastructure very rarely consists of the latest technology, services and applications. In fact, some systems may be decades old but are still reliable and essential to the business. Other services may be provided by 3rd parties and outside of your control and where new technology has been invested in it rarely joins up with existing systems.

Getting information from such systems to the people who need it can be a huge challenge. The most common solution to this is to manually email or printout the information and send it out to stores and recipients.

RMS recognise this problem and have worked to provide a better solution in Metro, enabling you to easily connect external, new and legacy systems to our Unified Comms platform and present the information in one place and in a format that allows fast analysis and quick decision making.

External content types can be created as templates that contain reusable settings to apply to imported content. Imported content can then be targeted at users, at all levels, from head office down to stores, departments and individuals.

For example, daily sales reports can be published automatically to stores and their area managers on a schedule each morning, with presentation options of either bar graphs, pie charts or a simple report matrix.

Mystery shopper reports from a 3rd party supplier can be uploaded and published out to stores weekly; with areas for improvement highlighted bringing faster improvements.

Delivery notes from distribution centres can be automatically published to stores, on a daily basis, so availability issues can be identified. All of this content can then be tracked for action, compliance and have a retention policy attached to it, but most importantly be targeted to the appropriate audience.

Metro has a range of restful web API’s so that modern applications can securely connect to our core functionality and access the features of our communication platform for reporting and information on the move.

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