So many retailers push out a relentless stream of task, news, instruction and information to their stores, but have little or no idea as to how much is being read, let alone processed by the recipients. If recipients are not reading things, then how are they implementing, actioning or understanding them?

All too often brand consistency is undermined by poor execution at store level, with the only option to manage consistency being through field level visits to assess the quality of the store operation.  Despite this, operations teams continue to relentlessly push out communications using various blunt methods with no real insight to their efficiency and effectiveness.

At RMS we hold the belief that effective communication is structured, targeted, personalised, controlled and wraps around process. Email is often the worst offender with regards to unstructured communication – with little control there is often a chaotic result. The burden of an ever-expanding inbox significantly impacts a Store Managers ability to be on the shop floor driving sales and motivating teams.

From our experience of working with retail operations teams, it is clear a new way of measuring the effectiveness of their communication is essential in order to assure the quality of operations and brand standards.

Metro enables our customers to simply measure the communication effectiveness by measuring the volume of recipients receiving structured communication as a percentage of the overall total communications received, minus the volume of unstructured communication as a percentage of the overall total.

This enables our customers to work towards increasing the volume of structured communication and also providing clear visibility of the volume and proportion of unstructured communication. Unstructured communications are measured in terms of volume and frequency, highlighting the worst offenders and enabling them to work towards more structured communication. Compliance rates are also monitored in direct relation to the volume of communication sent. This enables our customers to arrive at an optimal volume that stores are able to process effectively in a working day.

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