Retailers spend significant amounts of money when opening a store or refurbishing their estate to keep in-line with their company brand. If all stores are created equal, what makes one store “better” than another and how can head office ensure all stores remain equal?

Store Managers and their staff have a big influence on how a store is operated; however, measuring how a store is doing can be emotive. It is not all about £’s and performance – there are so many other factors which contribute to a high performing and profitable store. The question is how to measure this so that all stores are measured on a level playing field and there are no “favourites”, ensuring company standards are the same across all regions and areas.

Using Metro’s Store Visit module allows all stores to be marked against a set of criteria determined by head office and executed by field staff. The module allows you to create numerous types of visit – scored or unscored, created for each of the areas needing to be measured which are then automatically assessed and calculated for the next visits. The module adapts quickly and easily to your current business needs allowing all stores to be scored equally and eventually all stores become equal. Contact us today for more information on Metro’s Store Visits

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