Monsoon / Accessorize


Monsoon was founded in 1973 by Peter Simon who brought hand-crafted and folk-inspired fashion to London, after travelling the globe and setting up a stall on the Portobello Road. The original focus was always on clothes with an ethnic origin from faraway places, such as India and Afghanistan, and our very first collections were made from hand-loomed cotton in Indian villages.

The first Monsoon store was opened in Beauchamp’s place, Knightsbridge. Accessorize followed in 1984, producing high street accessories with a profoundly different aesthetic to what was found on the high street at the time. Monsoon Home was launched in 1999, creating an innovative and individual home accessories and gift range. Monsoon Children and Monsoon Fusion were later added to the family, and in 2012 Monsoon Bridal was extended and launched online.


Monsoon needed to move away from utilising traditional post bags and move to electronic communication to its branches. Monsoon wanted a specialist solution, proven in the retail market that would enable effective communication, control and collaboration with its store estate.


Monsoon implemented RMS’ Operations Director product to deliver targeted, personalised and timely communications to all its stores in the UK and Ireland. As well as enabling effective communications the solution would support key business processes such as ordering of goods not for resale and also Click and Collect.

  • Vertical – Fashion
  • Employees – 10,000
  • Stores -400 UK 1000+ worldwide
  • Brands -Monsoon & Accessorize


  • Deliver targeted and personalised communication
  • React tactically to market conditions
  • Single source of operational communication
  • Easily notify customers of click and collect orders
  • Control ordering of goods not for resale – cleaning, stationary, hangers etc.
  • Gather information from every store quickly and easily


  • More shop floor time for store managers
  • Less time spent on administration and enable focus on value add activities
  • Quick and easy to process and notify customers of click and collect orders
  • Reduced production and postage costs
  • Reduced spend on goods not for resale

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